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"These artworks are the manifestations of my innermost feelings, dreams, and my body and soul's absolute need to create.  It is my intent to make art that is visually striking, with intense colors and bold designs, which, through abstract and representational imagery, demonstrate my explorations into the natures of Love, Truth, and Reality.

Recurrent themes of Mother Nature, divine femininity, surreal sub-conscious symbolism, and simply dynamic visual patterning have all been the muses for my expressions since the earliest days of my development as an artist.  I hope to make art that is like a good poem: it makes an impact upon a first 'reading', and yet, further studies reveal layers of multi-dimensionality... the passage of time only opens room for new interpretations."

Elizabeth Lyle



Self Portrait 2004

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Artist's Bio

Elizabeth Ann Ward Lyle grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina.   She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with honors, from The Atlanta College of Art in 1988.  Images of works by Cezanne, Van Gogh, Edvard Munch,  Matisse, Picasso, Georgia O'Keefe and other artists of early modern art influenced Elizabeth's youth.  In college, Elizabeth learned valuable insight into the relationships of color and form from master colorist, Professor Fred Gregory, who studied under Josef Albers at Yale University.  More recently,   Elizabeth enjoys studying the work of Hieronymous Bosch, Dali, the great art of "primitive" and cultural world mythology, and Eastern spiritual art.  She also digs the beautiful photography of National Geographic magazines!

Elizabeth's earlier work explores the way color creates form and light through themes of nature,  landscapes and the human body.  In the early 1990's,   her working imagery became more pagan-like, addressing earthy sexuality and celebrating divine feminine essence.

Since 1996,  Elizabeth has been focusing on her body of watercolor art and stained glass art.  Stained glass art has taught the artist another way to paint,  another medium for playing with light and color.  The current watercolor paintings reflect Elizabeth's spiritual and emotional experiences, seeking to convey inner cosmic discovery.  She creates psychedelic effects by the intense relationships of brilliant colors and eye-moving patterns.  Each work of art is a jewel to behold, the art practically breathes and moves on its own!

Elizabeth and her husband, 'mountain jim' Lyle, the WebMaster and inspirational muse, currently reside in a wonderful mountain and streams wonderland in the hills northwest of Asheville with their menagerie of adopted stray monsters Cosmo, Woody, Stumpy,  Little Girl, and stray cats Zorro, Maya,  Morris, and Lucky.   (Mountain Jim says 8 is enough!!)

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