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Cosmic Dance

Cosmic Dance

Octopus's Garden

Octopus's Garden


Welcome to DreamingHeart ArtWork's  Links and Web Rings Page, featuring selected artworks from Elizabeth Lyle

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Amazing paintings of the California seashores by Paul Leasure and Susanne Renee Leasure
Indigo Fish Arts - Ethereal pastels
 by Fine Artist and friend Patse Hemsley
Karl Franklin's Art - www.myism.com Social Surrealism  PacSurreal Studio : Original art by Karl Franklin   

Art-Mine.com Logo

Wide variety of original fine art for sale. Personalized art consulting services. Mediums include; paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings, mixed media and more. Under the management of Agora Gallery. Established in 1984.
Visual Escapes Artist Collective: Imaginative Art Resource
Links to Surrealism, Fantasy, and Visionary artist sites

The Who's Who Guide - featuring founding artist Suzan Smith, and published by VagabondStudio.com.
 Surreal 3D Art by David Camp
 madderhat galleries:  images by Mark Williams
Elizabeth Lyle's art presented at the Saatchi Gallery online
Johnny Kalin "Painter of Light and Shadow"
Paintings by my friend Cat Nadeau
Sculptures by Joseph Ghanem
www.michellewatersart.com Animal and Environmental art by Michelle Waters
www.paintergallery.com A comprehensive directory of artists and painters
Search Art Directory Search Art Directory: SearchArtDirectory.com is a valuable reference for artists, students and collectors interested in artists, painting, galleries, performing art, magazine, caricature, drawing, sculptor, photography, visual art, art shopping, music and more.
debArt Affordable, contemporary pop art, hand painted on canvas, to complement the decor of homes, offices, clubs and restaurants. Celebrity portraits and black & white painting a specialty are available direct from internationally selling, self representing artist Debbie Palmer.
Bills Artwork at Billsblip.com Surreal and Psychedelic drawings, paintings, and sculpture from Bill.
Mystic Guides - Enlightening guides for you Pagan, Wiccan, and Magical printed supplies and artwork. Enlightening guides for your pagan, wiccan, and magical rituals and meditations.
www.lyleweb.com For website and web-applications design, development, maintenance, hosting, and consulting
www.oade.com For Digital Audio recording equipment, tapes, and consulting, visit our friends Doug, Jim, and Carlos
www.moondance.org Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women artists and writers online
www.earthharmony.net Original batiks and clothing imported from Bali (our friends Brian and Debbie)
Artist Mark Henson's incredible artwork at Sacred Light Studio
www.deepbluesun.com "the South's most retro-delic, groove oriented rock band"
www.lefty-music.com featuring the music, tour-dates, forum, and merch for Jason Lefty Williams
Stock Photography Australia Mark Ingram is an Australian Photographer, with a stock library covering many aspects of the Australian landscape.

SearchPainting.com - Art and painting directory for art lovers.

DirectoryOfArtist.com - Art directory and information on the web.

ArtDirectory411.com - Art directory and information on the web.

ArtzWork.com - Art directory and Gallery artwork.

SearchArtz.com - Arts directory on the web including art, painting, drawing and more.



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