Mountain SunShine

"Mountain SunShine"


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Mountain SunShine

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Elizabeth's words about "Mountain SunShine" 

I created the watercolor painting, “Mountain SunShine”, to celebrate the joyful nature of Spring, when the earth warms and reawakens.  Our cosmic source of life, the magnificent sun, rises between the heavenly mounds of snowcapped mountains emitting tentacle rays of pulsating light.  A budding Tree of Life, made of brown spirits, shares the center of the scene with the animated River of Life.  Waves of living, sentient water roll from the galaxy of stars, underneath the earth, across the land, and into a spiral that looks out with one eye.  Dual faces of Earth’s spirit, rooted in the cosmos, gaze towards the sun and one another; their cavernous mouths laugh with joy, awe, and agony.  A detailed border of green leaves and red roses bring forth the surreal landscape from within the star-studded richness of deep space. 

Elizabeth Lyle 1999


This painting was created on acid-free french watercolor block paper. In recent years, Elizabeth has favored watercolor paint for creating psychedelic imagery because of its intense jewel-tone color range, glowing transparency, and non-toxic nature.


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