Ship Of Fools

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Ship Of Fools



We would like to present the following poem generously shared by a close friend of ours:



The deafness of a universe
To voices that rise in waves.
Different dialects, different languages,
even.  Damnation to all who
speak out of turn,
Spewing out unsound thoughts,
and unthought feelings.
Cackling away about this or that,
Offering pledges of honor
that drift and then,
for lack of weight, fall carelessly
back to earth.
Chanting mantras of truth and
beauty, they speak words already spoken
while all the while
the world spins around them.
They seem to echo.
They do.  From year to year,
decade to decade, spilling over into
the next century, even ~
like polluted water spills
out of a drain ~ or fire
spills, like water, out of it's domain
into a world that is dry and brittle.

poetry by Cathleen Cole Johnstone


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