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We offer 500 signed and numbered prints for each of two watercolor originals: Creator, and Octopus's Garden.
Printed on quality acid free 100 lb. cover paper.
Fits standard 18" x 24" picture frame. 

Limited time offer: Order either for $30, get other one free ! (plus $10 shipping)

Creator was featured in  the Art Portfolio section of issue 61 of Magical Blend Magazine, which we value as a premier journal for transformative ideas in the realm of personal spiritual  awareness  and growth.


We are now able to offer Archival Fine Art Prints for the following additional watercolor works:

Mountain SunShine : Limited Edition of 100

Cosmic Dance : Limited Edition of 100

Ship Of Fools : Limited Edition of 50

Union : Limited Edition of 50

Wood Nymph : Limited Edition of 50

We will soon add to the above. Please let us know which artwork you would like to see prints offered for!




image size: 14 1/4" x 20"

paper size: 18" x 24" (standard frame size)


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Octopus's Garden

Octopus's Garden

image size 14" 1/4 x 20"

paper size: 18" x 24" (standard frame size)


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Octopus's Garden lower left corner close-up

Buyer's Info

About these works...

Dreaming Heart ArtWorks is pleased to present the lithographic prints of Elizabeth Lyle's paintings, "Creator" and "Octopus's Garden". 

These psychedelic, surreal, and spiritually infused images are the culmination of her life's work and emotional experiences. Gazing upon them can allow the colors to appear three-dimensional; they begin to waver and move. We (Jim and Beth) have found that these paintings stimulate our imaginations, encouraging our consciousness to expand and awareness to grow. We enjoy viewing them in different lighting situations as they appear to literally glow in dim light; brighter light reveals all the detail.

"Creator" was made out of Elizabeth's love for the magic of natural symbols. The flight of fish, the majesty of the bird, the life-giving sun, the bubbling heavens, and all the power associated with creation are all themes intertwined within this painting.

"Octopus's Garden" was greatly influenced by the incredible paintings of long dead, Hieronymus Bosch. His constructs of fantastical creatures and allegorical animations are profoundly surreal and have fascinated art lovers for centuries. Elizabeth's work does not resemble his notions of heaven and hell, but it does carry those themes of underworld divisions and mysterious manipulations of human anatomy with symbols of nature.

The idea for the border holding loads of miniature scenes was borrowed from the East Indian paintings depicting the lives of Buddha and other stories. Little erotic scenes express the magic inherent in intimate sexual union while cosmic deities look on. The octopus itself was chosen to be depicted because of Beth's actual experience seeing an octopus while snorkeling with Jim on their honeymoon. She had fun interweaving the amazing sea creature into the forest where she lives now.

Of course the title "Octopus's Garden" is an obvious nod to the popular Beatles' song that Beth so enjoyed while growing up.



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